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Eliot King Smith


Eliot King Smith, musician and composer. was born in Seattle, WA, the son of a concert piano duo. His parents selected a home based on a living room that could house two 9 foot grand pianos. At birth, (according to his mother) he was most comfortable in his bassinet under his mother's piano. On that very piano, he began his own lessons and the discovery of composition. His first public recital was at age 6 and he started his first blues band at age 14. As a teen, he was a big fan of R & B and the artists, BB King and Aretha Franklin. In his early twenties, he lived in London, was a member of a band called Dark Star, and loved British Rock. One of the most influential songwriters for him throughout his life is Stevie Wonder. Music is the most defining aspect of his life story and his current journey into retirement. While teaching history for nearly 20 years, performance played a big part of his pedagogy and he always found ways to share his creative side with students and colleagues. He now splits his time between southern France and Portland, Maine.

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