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Notes from Provence: Wine and Songs
from Studio Les Gaps
At the foot of Mt. Ventoux 

This is the spot where I will perform some of my songs

and talk about what I've learned living in wine country here in Provence

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My Story

In 2017, I decided to retire from teaching history in New York and retire to France. My wife and I had a longstanding love of France, particularly Provence and had been travelling to the region for many years. Finally, we found the perfect spot in a tiny hamlet at the foot of Mt. Ventoux. I created a small music studio space and began to catch up on my music career that I had put on hold for many years. Now, I'm in full swing, releasing a new album, Short Life, Small Planet this year and jamming with some of my French musician friends. I plan on sharing those small jams here on my website for everybody to enjoy. Please join me and enjoy the music and the talk about wine and Provence! They go well together!

The Notes

The Salon
salon pic.jpeg
From the studio
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